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“The Love of Debbie La’treck,” the first in a series, is a humorous and dramatic tale of a young girl’s love for reading “Gone Wild.” 

Debbie, a voracious reader, begins to live vicariously through literary characters. Debbie’s mother, Vivian, grows concerned with her daughter’s behavior. Debbie has receded into a shell, blocking-out all reality, creating a world that blurs the line between real and make believe.  Vivian must now coax Debbie back into reality without taking away her daughter’s imaginative spirit. This engaging book explores the delicate balance parents may face when nurturing creative children.

This Story is For You if You..

  • Are about 9yrs/teen/adult (boys and girls)
  • Are a parent or an adult whose best intentions may have not led to the expected outcome
  • Have annoying siblings
  • Are interested in basketball
  • Love drama
  • Read Shakespeare
  • Ever thought about shipping your kid or someone else’s off far, far away…
  • Enjoy reading
  • Have had your first crush
  • Ready for an ending that will have you wondering…

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Q & A

Is “The Love of Debbie La’treck” a children’s book?

The age range is about 9 to adult. 

What was the most challenging experience you faced writing the story?

Trying to appeal to such a broad age range. I’ve had to change the language of several scenes so that it would be appropriate for children, yet, write it so that adults would still be interested in the story.

Where did you get the idea for the story?

I’d just completed reading “Indiana” by George Sand years ago and I wrote it that night. The original story, a part of a collection of shorter stories, was about twelve pages long. It was only after I landed a publishing deal that I added more content beginning with the scene where Vivian returns to her room for silence and to think about past events.

What can we look for in the future?

The story was written as a series.  I wanted readers to learn about Debbie and Vivian so I started the story off a bit slower leading up to lots of action. I want to jump right in and pick up the story with lots of drama in Part II.   

Lastly, do you have any other books we should watch for?

Yes, Lord Handkerchief. I really, really love this story and where it’s going. It’s about wealth and choices and the meaning of life. I am hoping to publish it next year.

I actually started seeing scenes for this story while writing another book. The scenes were so vivid and many that I  had to stop writing the other story and start writing this one.

The story is a bit different than Debbie La’treck because Debbie is much more intense and dramatic. Lord Handkerchief is a bit less dramatic but nevertheless, interesting and told with humor. I am really enjoying the relationship between Sir Charles and Lord Handkerchief. Both are hanky’s.