Fiction Books I’ve Read

So here’s my problem with, “Once Were Cops.” I write children’s books and I guess I’m supposed to be all warm and fuzzy right? I mean, if you wrote children’s books you kinda want to keep a nice image, maybe a few pictures of yourself smiling, maybe Santa might come over, yada, yada, yada, but I tell ya Ken Bruen may cause me a few problems in terms of keeping my cookie-cutter image. I mean how can you not identify with O’Shea wanting to carry something other than a baton when some prick is beating his wife? Did I just use the word prick? Not good Habeeba, not good.

Ken Bruen does an amazing job hooking the reader in the very beginning describing O’Shea’ as, “Part of me has always wanted to be a decent human being..Then there’s the zoning from the time I was a child, I’d go someplace in my mind…..What I want most is to do damage, biblical damage, it’s beyond rage… My father said, Ah, he’ll grow out it it…..He was so close….What I did was grow into it.”

Now I’m like who is this guy? Who is this bad ass? I want to know more about this rage he can’t seem to control. And I’m no longer thinking about Santa Claus because I’m trying to book the first flight to Ireland and have a few drinks with Shea, Jameson black- no ice of course. I want to talk to this guy and hear his story all while 1). making sure they like nonnationals in Ireland-black folks of course. I don’t want any problems and 2). checking the temperature to ensure its cold so that me neck is covered.

Ah, I’ll be back gotta read…

Ok, so I finished the book. And so I’m hyped out of my mind because Rodriquez reminds me of James Doakes from Dexter and I’m thinking about how the plot played out so well that you just cant help but to admire the wit about Shea. And of course there’s the ending. Darn it! I can’t talk about it because I’ll ruin it for you, but the ending, didn’t see it coming.

I think I’m in love with Ken Bruen. Instead of writing me love letters maybe he can write me a book. lol. Okay, you have two minutes to order this book so we can talk about it. And if you don’t, your computer will self destruct but don’t blame me, it probably was that darn Shea.

Here’s the link to the book: Once Were Cops.