About Me

Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Habeeba pronounced (Ha-bee-buh). I am a  special education teacher in Chicago. I named this blog Rainy Days because I absolutely love the smell and feel of rain in the summer and I wanted this blog to represent something that I absolutely love and enjoy, which is reading and writing.

On this site, you will find books that I am currently reading or have read and my reactions to them, but mostly you will find my experiences with becoming published. I recently published a book, “The Love of Debbie La’treck ”  and I feel as if I’ve taken a crash course in Marketing 101. I thought why not share them in a humorous way and get feedback at the same time.

While I am writing a post, you will find #amediting, which means I am still writing it. Oh, I do have one more thing that I should probably mention. Although I write children’s book, I will read and comment on almost anything. You will not find vulgar language on this site; but, I will provide my honest reaction to books which may not paint me as Cinderella but at times more like the Wicked Witch from the West. 

Well, I really hope that you enjoy my posts. I’ll try to update it once my kids go to sleep. If you can, sign up to the site below, and If you need to contact me, feel free at myhbpbooks@gmail.com or check out my webpage at MYHBPBooks .

Happy Reading!